Goliath v Goliath

Sole practitioner/Small firm v Large Firm.

Standing in one corner, we have the lean, mean, fighting machine (singular) practising out of a two-room office. In the other corner, we have the great mammoth made up of….lots of people, practising out of hell with harbour views.

Fair fight? Yes.

Modern technology gives a level playing field when it comes to the production of work. It’s no longer David v Goliath, it’s Goliath v Goliath.

Barristers provide assistance with preparation and advice, many of whom charge 1/3 of what their previous large employer’s charged for them. And if necessary, I can brief the exact same silks the big firms can.

Where the fight is not fair is a small firm’s cost base is dramatically lower, allowing us to charge much lower fees, minimising one of a client’s greatest stresses while involved in litigation.

The person who owns the firm runs the case – it’s not run by a team of mostly young and inexperienced lawyers, being charged out at rates equal to some of the best and most powerful silks in Australia. 

A case is one lawyer at a desk against another lawyer at a desk,  nothing more, nothing less. The difference is, one desk costs more and has a better view.

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