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I have conducted litigation in Supreme Court of NSW, NSW Court of Appeal, Federal Court of Australia, Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia, High Court of Australia, Supreme Court of Queensland, Queensland Court of Appel, District Court of NSW, and the NSW Criminal Court of Appeal.

My aim every day is to try to be the lawyer I’d want to instruct: Someone who is ruthless, efficient, discreet, brave, energetic, trustworthy, accessible 24/7. A lawyer so obsessed with my interests that I can rest at night, knowing they have will give all he can to protect me. Equally, someone who is kind, caring, understanding, and makes me feel comfortable in a difficult time of my life, and someone I feel entirely comfortable asking any question, knowing the answer will be considered and honest.

Over a career of 25 years and running thousands of cases I have an all but perfect record of success. My record of success in litigation is a great sense of pride. I work harder and harder every day to keep that record.

I have achieved because of a incredible worth ethic, thirst for a true understanding of my client’s case and deep knowledge of the applicable law, and a ferociously competitive nature.

I am a lawyer. I have never wanted to be anything else. It is one of the loves of my life.

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